SecretP v.2.1: Proteomic analysis of Gram-negative bacterial secreted proteins

SecretP v.2.1 server is proposed to distinguish different types of Gram-negative bacterial secreted proteins(CSPs).

You can get the older version SecretP v.1.0 by clicking here
You can get the older version SecretP v.2.0 by clicking here


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If you use SecretP to predict mammalian secreted proteins, please cite:
SecretP v.1.0: L.Z. Yu, Y.Z. Guo, Z. Zhang, Y.Z. Li, M.L. Li, G.B. Li, W.J. Xiong and Y.H. Zeng (2010) SecretP: a new method for predicting mammalian secreted proteins, Peptides 31:574–578.

If you use SecretP v.2.0 to predict bacterial secreted proteins, please cite:
SecretP v.2.0: L.Z. Yu, Y.Z. Guo, Y.Z. Li, G.B. Li, M.L. Li, J.S. Luo, W.J. Xiong and W.L. Qin (2010) SecretP: identifying bacterial secreted proteins by fusing new features into Chou’s pseudo-amino acid composition, J. Theor. Biol. 267:1–6.

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