The protein Journal

【The protein Journal】介绍
英文名称:The protein Journal

The Protein Journal (formerly the Journal of Protein Chemistry) publishes original research work on all aspects of protein investigations. These include studies concerned with covalent or three-dimensional structure, assembly, genetics, evolution, proteomics, molecular biology, engineering, and peptide synthesis. The contents include the application of research to the elucidation and interpretation of the molecular bases of the biological activity of proteins.

  1. Prediction of mitochondrial proteins using discrete wavelet transform

  2. The protein Journal,2006, 25(4):241-249

    Lin JIANG  , Menglong Li*  , Zhining Wen  , Ke Long Wang  , YuanBo DIAO 


    A new method was proposed for prediction of mitochondrial proteins by the discrete wavelet transform, based on the sequence–scale similarity measurement. This sequence–scale similarity, revealing more information than other conventional methods, does not rely on subcellular location information and can directly predict protein sequences with different length. In our experiments, 499 mitochondrial protein sequences, constituting a mitochondria database, were used as training dataset, and 681 non-mitochondrial protein sequences were tested. The system can predict these sequences with sensitivity, specificity, accuracy and MCC of 50.30%, 95.74%, 76.53% and 0.54, respectively. Source code of the new program is available on request from the authors.